By Mrs M Blackwell; Cochrane Road, Wimbledon

Correspondents like Roy Chunn writing in to support the actions of Councillor Walker on the basis that he was simply removing illegally placed posters are clearly not in possession of all the facts.

In the gardens of two houses in Fairlawn Road, which overlook the recreation ground, homemade notice boards were erected to carry the Save Our Rec poster.

These were placed close to the boundary wall so that they could be seen by people using the park but were standing in private gardens.

This, like the political posters we are asked to place in our windows by the political parties at election time, was perfectly legal.

The posters on these boards have been torn down.

Whoever did this is guilty of a criminal offence of causing damage to private property.

If it was Councillor Walker then the actions of the Council Leader are completely justified.

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