The pupils, staff and parents at Holy Trinity School, Wimbledon worked selflessly to raise money for First Touch Charity in memory of baby Kayda-Grae (one of their students' baby sister) during the period of Lent 2014.

Fundraising events and activities included: Coin Trail - each class competed to create the longest trail of pennies. This raised over an impressive £400 Table Top Sale - the children "bought pitches" to sell their used & nearly new toys, games & books, home baked cakes and cookies, sweetie packs and more! This was a sell-out success raising almost £1,000 in less than two hours!!

Sponsored Events - each class held a sponsored event ranging from pyjama wearing fun runs to dodgeball tournaments Cake Sales - always a hit when fundraising, these 'Friday specials' raised hundreds of pounds during Lent Lent Lunches - the teachers raised £200 paying over the odds for yummy lunches in aid of First Touch Easter Egg Raffle - keen to win Easter eggs (donated by the lovely teachers) the pupils and parents kindly bought raffle tickets in the hope of being one of the lucky winners Move Over JK Rowling - a year 4 pupil wrote a book which her dad 'published' to be sold raising a well earned £75 Today (17th June 2014) Nicola Morgan (headteacher) handed Louise Williams (First Touch Charity Co-ordinator) a cheque for an incredible £6,445.60 towards the minimum of £15,000 fundraising target at The children and teachers at Holy Trinity School were amazed by the total they had raised in such a short period of time and Kayda-Grae's mother Corrine was astounded and incredibly grateful. The money raised will go towards purchasing life saving medical equipment at St George's hospital's neonatal unit for sick and premature babies.

Based on information supplied by Corrine John.