On Saturday lunchtime I had a dramatic fall whilst crossing Wimbledon Broadway, outside the station near the bus stop.

I was overwhelmed by the help I received. Someone called an ambulance, another young woman propped me up, somebody else got a chair and from somewhere came a bottle of water and a pack of tissues.

 Luckily, although I fell very hard on my head I was conscious and eventually, because the ambulance didn't arrive, I persuaded them that I would be fine in a taxi, and although I could have paid, somebody else paid the fare.

 I don't know who you are, although I did get some names, Shirley, Greg and Clare, but I want to thank you all so much for helping me and staying with me for over half an hour. 

I'm fine now apart from being battered, bruised and embarrassed but so touched by the kindness of those complete strangers.

Jean Austen

Via email