I suspect that I will be admonished for forgetting ( more senior moments ) that My Merton, the council mag, did insert a couple of lines of text in the summer issue about 2nd August,  directing people to merton.gov.uk/mertonremembers, Oh I say, aren't we silver surfers with it !

Despite this I contend that each local councillor, in support, could have done more to bring the event to their residents' attention. Similarly, I wonder were the local scouts, army cadets ATC, TA  etc approached ? What about local services police.fire etc on a social community squad basis, not as  health and safety?

As a better example of a comprehensive all embracing event I suggest that an event organised by the Rotary Club a couple of weeks earlier would have provided a template for whoever organised the WW1 one.

There was a tenet that local government is all about forming links with the public. Personally I feel Merton missed a great opportunity to involve the whole community desirous of paying their respects.

Again, apologies, for my own shortcomings, David C

I am using the link from your latest missive to residents - it is useful, informative and welcomed for its traffic news.

However your insert about the Morden Park WW1, 2nd August, ceremony left me with a feeling of sadness for the wrong reasons. The attached photos show that it was poorly attended, within an enclave comprising mainly the usual photo-shoot crowd with their pro-forma attached smiles.

I have no doubt that the readings, music etc were extremely moving but elsewhere the empty acres in the background deliver their own verdict on its inclusivity.

So I ask. were invitations issued only to politicians and the like or if it was a public event, how was it publicised throughout the Borough ?

Hundreds of old timers with intimate family  connections to those times are feeling disappointed.

Yours sincerely,

David Coleman