Twickenham opened their season with a hard-fought 15-11 win over Effingham & Leatherhead last Saturday.

Twickenham controlled the early phases of the game up-front but despite a number of running moves bringing them tantalizingly close to the try-line, their only reward was a penalty by Luke Scarborough.

Effingham then took the lead picking up on a loose ball squirting out the back of a Twickenham scrum and grounding it over the line.

Twickenham responded quickly allowing Tom Eastham to break through the defence at the other end to score – with Scarborough adding the conversion.

Twickenham then dominated the rest of the first half but a determined Effingham defence limited them to just one more try.

Again, scored by Eastham who – after the backs had deftly moved the ball along the line – looped around to score in the corner.

p> The second half was scrappier affair with an error-prone Twickenham absorbing sustained pressure from Effingham. Poor discipline gave Effingham a number of kickable penalty chances but fortunately only two were successful.

Some stout defence and ambitious counter-attacking helped Twickenham hold out for a richly deserved 15-11 victory.