Now the gold rush has ended Surrey Comet sports editor Stuart Amos and reporter Tim Ashton combine to share their London 2012 Olympic highlights – having been to it, seen it and done it.

Opening ceremony
Tim Ashton: 
It’s an obvious one but being in the Olympic stadium to witness the spectacular ceremony, the pomp and circumstance and the outpouring of national pride was something very special.

Stuart Amos: I’m not a huge fan of Rowan Atkinson’s slapstick creation, but I admit there was something truly British – and funny – about his star turn in the opening ceremony.

Stratford underground
Never been to Stratford before and I have to say I don’t know what all the fuss was about our transport system. No queues on the platform, and no delays to the service in five visits to and from the Olympic Park.  And the staff were pretty friendly too.

Tears at bedtime
If ever home advantage counted most it was when Alan Campbell secured bronze at Eton Dorney in the men’s single sculls. The roar of the crowd took the Richmond-based man to new heights. Cue tears.

TA: Having strutted about when he won the 400m hurdles, Felix Sanchez cried uncontrollably on the podium. Even the hardest men can crumble on the biggest stage.

Random sports
Kazakhstan weightlifter Ilya Ilyan's successful defence of his Olympic +90kg men's sent hordes of his fans bonkers at the ExCel Centre.  Few will recognise former Wimbledon tennis champion Pat Cash trying to duck out of the pictures they took of themselves.

TA: Greco-Roman wrestling on the big Olympic screen was interesting. There were no ropes and it wasn’t fixed, so I had no idea what was happening, although I cheered on a gargantuan Georgian man all the same.

Gold, Gold
It was emotional being at Eton Dorney when Helen Glover and Heather Stanning won the first GB gold medal. The power of Olympic success was born out in the wave of happiness, and relief, that followed.

SA: The BBC's horrendous decision to adopt Spandau Ballet's classic is overshadowed by the fact so many gold medals were won by Brititsh athletes.

The Mobot
Invented by Clare Balding, made famous by Mo Farah as he won 10,000m and 5,000m golds. A great guy and deserving of his worldwide acclaim. Even 100m and 200m champion Usain Bolt paid homage to Farah with his own version of the Mobot.

TA: Mo may be a superstar and have his own daft pose, but when he crossed the line all that circus disappeared and his joyous expression reflected the magnitude of his awesome achievement.

Local heroes
SA: Officially six medallists came from Molesey Boat Club – seven if you include Tom Ransley, who was based with the Graburn Way club for nine months – making it the biggest haul in the club's history.

TA: Surbiton Hockey Club star James Tindall’s late equaliser against Australia that saw the Riverbank Arena erupt as if we’d just won the gold.

Supporters & volunteers
To say a large part of the Games' overall success is down to the hard-working and dedicated volunteers is not an understatement. Their cheery persona was

SA: If we’ve learned anything over this glorious fortnight it is that the British public love sport.  Hopefully,  we will start to see more on our  television screens to challenge the   country's obsession with football.