The Bradley Wiggins effect has seen bike sales surge by a third in Wandsworth but other businesses are reporting a fall in footfall during the Olympics.

Evans Cycles, in Wandsworth High Street, has seen a 35 per cent increase in the sale of road bikes since Mr Wiggins' triumphs in the Olympics and Tour de France.

A spokesperson said: "The success of British riders is inspiring. People see champions like Wiggins dominating the Tour and that’s naturally going to inspire you to get out on a bike."

Southside Shopping Centre, in Garratt Lane, Wandsworth, has extended its Sunday trading hours in a bid to encourage more shoppers.

Sergio Strong, manager of Office, blamed people going on holiday and the stores location on the periphery to the games for a drop in the number of customers.

He said: "The footfall has been a lot lower. Primarily, I think it is a mixture of where a lot of people go on holiday and because it is the Olympics.

"Two weeks ago it was really busy. But now it is effectively a reverse of what they said was going to happen."

A shop assistant in The Body Shop said the extended opening hours have helped, with more people coming in the evenings.

Another shop worker said: "I'm not sure if it is the Olympics or just the recession, but it has been quiet. I think a lot of people have gone on holiday to get away."

Jack Hoe, manager of The Antelope, in Mitcham Road, Tooting, said the pub was full during some high profile sporting events.

He said: "I think most people in the local area haven't wanted to go into Central London. People are happier coming out in their local area.

"For the athletics we had a massive crowd and a big community feeling in the back room."

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