Crystal Palace defender Alex Wynter is backing the Heart4More Foundation and its aim to ensure all professional players are screened annually to avoid tragedies.

The Foundation was set up by former professional footballer Tobi Alabi, 20, who collapsed during a football match in October last year, and was subsequently forced to retire after having a heart monitor implanted in his chest.

Eagles youngster Wynter, who has spent a part of this season on loan with Sutton United, believes the Foundation will quite simply save a player’s life.

The 20-year-old said: “I think it's a great project that could end up saving many young people from a life-threatening situation.

“When I first heard about what happened to Tobi I was in shock because although his story is not the first I have heard, you never expect it to happen to someone you know.”

With Tobi’s collapse hitting close to home for Alex he insists it is now vital that players are screened.

“It's vital that people get screened. I don't think the current screening is good enough because there are still people suffering without knowing about the problem,” he added.

The Foundation is using CrowdFunder to raise funds of £7,000 to screen 100 young people before a football match.

With the days ticking down before a March 25 deadline, the Foundation has raised more than half of the target with £4,500 donated.

However, the full target of £7,000 must be achieved by the deadline for it to be fully funded.

Wynter said: “It's a great idea and hopefully it can encourage people who can affect the situation, to make changes and improve the process.

“I would encourage people to donate simply because although you may not think it, you could be saving someone from living with a heart problem which could result in death.

“So get donating and let's help Tobi with this great project,"

To donate, go to

Wimbledon Guardian:

Retired: Tobi Alabi collapsed while playing for Met Police during a friendly match last year