This week, local mum Emily Tredget held a great event for mums to meet, eat cake, try out baby/toddler classes and have a bit of pampering. 25 mums and 40 children turned up and had a great time.

Local businesses supported the events - cakes were provided by Willow Bough, music by Music&Me, dance by Diddi Dance, reflexology by Yvonne Owen Reflexology and Nail by Jamberry Nails.

MummyLinks is totally free to join, and works by allowing mums to create playdates which are then sent to those local to them. It is focused on meeting face-to-face to build strong, potentially life-long friendships and support networks in their local environment.

Emily says, “I used to have a really busy and demanding job at innocent drinks, but when I stopped working to be a mum to my son two years ago, I found the transition harder than I expected, unfortunately suffering with PND&A, I really relied on the other mums in my area for support. 

I knew other mums would feel the same as me but might not have the amazing support network I was lucky enough to enjoy – perhaps they have moved to a new area or their friends might not be having babies at the same time.  I hope MummyLinks brings them closer together with other local mums and they have lots of fun along the way.”

Whilst MummyLinks isn’t directly for mums who have struggled in this way, she is keen to use the app to reach out to mums who do. 1 in 5 mums struggle with mental health issues, and they can often be the hardest to reach and entice out of their livings rooms – which she understands from personal experience.

But Emily found this an important way of getting better and wants to encourage mums to support in this way.
MummyLinks is an invite only website, meaning that all the mums (or nannies etc) using the site can be reassured that everyone is friendly and known by other mums using the site.

For more information (or to sign up awaiting approval via the facebook group), check out or email Emily on

Article supplied by Emily Tredget