After a huge success in the last two years, Saudha, Society of Poetry and Indian Music, one of the leading Indian classical music promoters of this country, is hosting the three-day Ghazal, Thumri and Kheyal Festival in Merton  on 17th, 18th and 19th March 2017.

This critically acclaimed, first of its kind and exotic festival of hypnotic Indian classical music performed by the best of Britain, - is returning to Merton for third time. The festival offers breath-taking, world-class performances of the musically exuberant, magical and enrapturing genres of Pan-Indian (India as a sub-continent) classical and highly popular semi-classical music.

The festival is supported by London Borough of Merton and Merton Library Services.

The director of Saudha Ahmed Kaysher said "this is a unique and extra-ordinary festival of classical music in London.

It attracted a significant source of pure art loving Western audiences around Merton and neighbouring boroughs of London during last two years.

He said,  Saudha, delving into the creation of post-modern presentation of Indian classical music, has developed experiential ways of presenting classical music through intertwining the haunting verses of world poetry (e.g. Keats, Lorca, Neruda, Tagore, Hafiz, Ghalib  etc.), different dance forms, Western classical and other form of profound arts around the globe with Indian classical, both vocal and instrumental, to interpret the mood and profound meaning of Indian classical music to appeal audiences of any culture and language around the globe."

The festival features a solo session of vocal and Sitar recital by one of the finest Sitarists and a well-known vocalist Mehboob Nadeem as well as a solo Carnatic violin recital by a critically acclaimed Carnatic violinist Balu Raghuraman and his disciple Aditya Venugopal on 17th March at the first day of the festival.

The festival continues with the solo traditional and experimental vocal performance by the most sought-after Hindustani classical vocalist in Europe Chandra Chakraborty and a prominent jazz music group Iyatra on 18th March at the second day of the festival.

The evening is followed by a cello recital by the world-known Cello maestro Anup Kumar Biswas. The first day and the second day of the festival will take place at Merton Arts Space in Wimbledon Library.

These music sessions will be accompanied by the best musicians around the country e.g.Sunil Jadhav (Keyboard) Hiren Chate (Tabla), Saleel Tambe (Tabla), Rekesh Chauhan (harmonium) and M balachandar (Mridangham).

The finale of the festival will happen on 19th March in Raynes Park library hall and will feature talks on the problem and prospects of promoting Indian classical music in the West by the prominent promoters and performers of the country.

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