Sutton is now the official home of the oldest bike shop in the world.

Pearson's Cycles, on Sutton High Street, at the grand old age of 152, was recognised by Guinness World Records this week.

Representatives from Guinness presented Will and Guy Pearson, the current managers, with a certificate to commemorate the event.

Will Pearson, who is the 5th generation of Pearsons to own the company since his family founded the shop in 1860, said he was "honoured".

He said: "We love the cycle business and thank all of our loyal customers, staff and friends past and present, who have supported us to reach this landmark award."

The company has come a long way from its beginnings as a blacksmiths.

Tom Pearson opened the shop in 1860 after he noticed more cyclists coming through his door to get their bikes fixed.

His great great grandson William said: "As the blacksmiths used iron, cyclists thought it was a natural place to go and get their bikes fixed."

Now, 152 years later, the company has tried to keep a service orientated approach, and have even opened a cafe at its other site in Sheen in order to improve the customer experience.

William said: "We have tried to modernise throughout our history, especially my father and uncle in the 1970's. They moved it on from what was a fairly basic shop into the beginnings of what it is now."

Now the shop employs a full time physio as well as offering it's own performance bicycles and a bespoke bike fitting service. He said the company has seen an uptake in sales in the past six years since the government introduced its Cycle Scheme where customers can get a tax-free bike through it's employer.

Pearson's Cycles becomes the borough's second Guinness World Record holder.

The first was in 2003 when Malcolm Smith set the record for the greatest distance run on a treadmill in 12 hours is 89.39 km (55.54 miles) at Fit-Stop Health Club.