A burglar went so far as to steal a pensioner’s trousers and tobacco from his bedroom as his victim slept.

William Bishop, 76, from Woodstock Way, Mitcham, was fast asleep when an intruder broke in and ransacked his home in the early hours of Saturday.

Mr Bishop, a retired bus driver, realised he had been burgled when he woke up and could not find his tobacco or trousers – which contained his wallet, credit cards and £220 in cash.

He said: “The first thing I look for in the morning is a cup of tea and a fag but I couldn’t find my tobacco. I went to get dressed and realised they had stolen my trousers.

“They had come into my bedroom and taken my trousers when I was sleeping.

“Then I saw that the front door was slightly open and that’s when I realised I had been burgled.”

Mr Bishop said he had been left unsettled by the break in and simple information about the locking mechanism of his new front door could have prevented it.

He said: “I had a wooden door for five years and when the door shuts that’s it.

“I had a new PVC door fitted six months ago and after you shut it you have to lift the handle. Nobody told me that. If I had known that it wouldn’t have happened.

“If there are any elderly people they need to know that after they shut the door they need to lock the door by lifting the handle.”

A spokesman for Merton police confirmed a burglary had been reported and that they were investigating.