A builder had to be rescued from a house loft by firefighters after suffering a heavy gash to his leg which left him unable to move.

Firefighters and police were called to a terraced house in The Close, Mitcham, at about 3.40pm on Friday where a 25-year-old man was severely bleeding after his leg was cut by a disk grinder.

The man was part of a two-man team who were building a loft extension and fire crews from Mitcham and Wimbledon helped police stretcher him downstairs using specialist equipment.

A firefighter at Mitcham fire station said: “He was using some king of cutting tool, a disk grinder and he sustained a cut to the lower limb.

“He was immobilised and we had to stretcher him down.

“Police bandaged his leg and he was still conscious. He was quite subdued, I think the paramedics pumped a bit of morphine into him.”

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