Jobless youths have taken to washing cars and sprucing up a primary school in a bid to boost their confidence and improve the community.

The thirteen, who all live in and around Mitcham, joined a course run by the Prince’s Trust charity where they were washing cars to raise money outside the New Horizon Centre in South Lodge Avenue, Pollards Hill, on Thursday, October 4.

They will use the funds to create an educational planting area and a pond at Garden Primary School, also in Pollards Hill.

Claire Rounding, the team leader for Mitcham Prince’s Trust, said: “Some team members have faced challenges trying to get into employment having low confidence, limited qualifications, criminal records or a lack of motivation.

“What they all have in common is they are trying to make positive changes to their life and that of their local community.

The team, known as ‘Mitcham Nine’ were also at the new Asda supermarket in Western Road, where they helped shoppers with their packing.

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