Another Merton Council parking enforcement van has been spotted parked on double yellows while ticketing drivers.

This white CCTV van was seen parked on double yellow lines and blocking the pavement while trying to catch drivers illegally turning right from London Road into Lavender Avenue in Mitcham.  

The van was photographed on Thursday, September 20, at about 2.30pm by a passing resident who said: “They are raking in the money because they are catching people who might not even know there is no right turn there.

“It’s happening all the time because it’s easy money. You would never know there was a camera rolling all the time.

“If you are a local you will know it’s a no right turn but if you don’t know the area you would never know and you would do a right turn, especially if there’s a car or a bus blocking the view.”

Since the council took on new powers to enforce moving traffic offences in May, several readers have complained about mobile CCTV vans parking on double yellow lines to catch out motorists on the junction of Dorset Avenue and Kingston Road in Merton Park.

And in July, a mobile CCTV van was pictured parking on double yellow lines and in a box junction in Langdale Avenue, Mitcham.

The council has said wardens in cars are “permitted by law to park where necessary to carry out their enforcement duties, and that includes yellow lines and box junctions”.