A Jack Russell Terrier bit off more than he could chew during a recent fishing trip after swallowing a fish hook.

Three-year-old Reggie was rushed to the Blue Cross Animal Hospital in Colliers Wood for emergency surgery after swallowing his owners bait, hook, weight and line.

The fishing line was still hanging from his mouth when he arrived for surgery.

Emmeline Macedo, deputy nurse manager at the hospital, said: "The fish hook and weight were clearly visible in his stomach and he needed an emergency operation as it could have caused too much damage.

"Reggie was prepared for surgery and one of our veterinary surgeons removed the hook and weight through a surgical incision.

"He was later taken to our Victoria animal hospital for observation and pain relief overnight, but was able to go home the next day as he was bright and eating well."

On returning to the Blue Cross Merton animal hospital for a follow up appointment one week later, Reggie was back to his normal self.

Ms Macedo added: "His owner was very grateful and happy that we were able to help Reggie."

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