A former showgirl who claims to have a psychic ability celebrated her 100th birthday this week – and proved she could still wiggle her hips.

Marjorie Augarde, a resident at the Cumberland Care Home in Whitford Gardens, Mitcham, celebrated her birthday with a buffet and cake on September 27.

Laura Shepherd, who works at the care home, said Ms Augarde had made several psychic predictions in the past that have proved true, including the arrival of her own child.

She said: “She claims to have a physic ability, which has surprised staff in how accurate most of her readings are. She told me that she could see a baby in my life and I thought she was talking about my niece, but it turned that it was my own precious bundle who is now four.

“Just recently Marjorie was chatting to our domestic and told her that she has a man in her life called Bob – in fact the domestic is married to a Bob.”

Ms Augarde grew up in Colliers Wood with her 13 siblings, later working as a show girl, and has credited Oil of Olay as the key to her good health.

Very little is known about the hip swinging centenarian’s past who never married and had no children – but some treasured photos give a peek into her former life.

Ms Shepherd said: “Marj is a lively character and still enjoys to dance and sing.

“Although she did not come out of her room for her birthday celebrations we joined Marj in her room with staff and relatives to give her presents and sing happy birthday, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

“She enjoys having her hair dyed and styled and Marj is loved by all members of staff.”

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