As if the cut and thrust of domestic politics were not enough, one Merton councillor took time out of his summer holidays to help campaign for the election of an American president.

Councillor Peter Walker, who lives in Wimbledon and represents Figge’s Marsh in Mitcham, said he was “privileged” to help the campaign for President Barack Obama last month.

During a visit to Los Angeles, California, the Labour councillor contacted voters in the neighbouring state of Nevada to urge them to vote for President Obama, who is hoping to defeat Republican challenger Mitt Romney in November’s election.

He said: “I believe the re-election of Obama is not just important for the USA, but also for the future of our children, as it will have a vital impact on the role the US plays in addressing climate change.

“The campaign office had a real buzz about it and I met with a lot of really good people who were getting involved for the first time in their lives.

“I found a lot of enthusiasm for Obama from those I contacted.  I just hope his campaign is successful as the one I last helped in when I assisted his 2008 campaign out of Virginia.”

The British Labour party considers itself to be a political sister of the American Democratic party, which last week confirmed Mr Obama as their candidate to be president for another four years.

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