An owner has spoken of her horror after her pregnant pedigree cat was shot twice by a high powered air rifle.

One year old Amber was five weeks pregnant when she was shot in both hind legs on Wednesday, September 5, in Malvern Close, Mitcham between 2 and 5.30pm.

Her owner, Bronwen Smewing, who lives in Malvern Close said: "Luckily she made it home and I was able to get her to our local vet where she had to remain overnight as the risk of aborting the cubs was high due to the extreme shock and stress this caused."

The vet confirmed she had been shot with two air rifle pellets but was unable to remove them as doing so would be too dangerous for her unborn cubs.

The rare Savannah breed cat is descended from the African serval, bred with a Siamese, and is extremely rare having only been recognised by the International Cat Association in 2001. 

Mrs Smewing said: "I have no idea who would be so cruel but would like other local residents around our area to be aware that there is someone who clearly takes pleasure in causing pain and suffering to animals, it's normally a small step from animals to humans."

Anyone with information should call Merton police on contact police on 101 or Merton CID on 020 8649 3118