A well-dressed sheep rescued from a slaughterhouse has been bringing a drop of rural sunshine to suburbia.

Amy, the three-year-old ewe, was spotted outside Wimbledon Station recently wearing a union jack flag while her owner drummed up dontations for St George's Hospital in Tooting.

Her owner Roger Reynolds, 70, a retired bus driver, rescued Amy from a slaughterhouse in Romford and brought her home three years ago in a carrier bag on the Tube, two hours after she was born.

He said: "She has had more photos taken of her than the Queen.
"She loves all the photos and the attention."

Amy and Mr Reynolds, who live in New Malden, raise money for St George’s Hospital Tooting which saved Mr Reynold’s life when he got blood poisoning.
The pair also live with a rabbit, geese, five goats, including Lucy Lastic, Katie and Lara, and other sheep, including Lala, who is the last surviving of a quartet named after the Teletubbies.

Natasha Murray, who lives next door with her 11-year-old twin daughters, Alex and Izzy, said: "We think it’s great.
"When we moved here five years ago, my daughters were six years old and within an hour of moving in they were giving newborn lambs a bottle.
"It is a bit of the good life.
"We love it.
"He is a legend in this street, known by everyone and he is very friendly
"He looks after people’s pets when they go away."

Amy is a common sight in her home town of New Malden, spotted with Mr Reynolds wearing a black decorated coat, leather collar and red lead.

Another neighbour, pensioner Shelia Aplin, said Mr Reynolds regularly took the animals in a trailer parked outside his home for a run in Wimbledon Common.