Many fines dished out for driving in Wimbledon town centre’s controversial bus lane could have been refunded if drivers had noticed a warning sign was facing the wrong way, it has been claimed.

Matthew Stones, a rare visitor to Wimbledon who lives near Guildford, successfully appealed a £130 PCN for driving into the bus lane after entering Hartfield Road from a side road.

Despite being clearly captured on camera on February 23, the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service (Patas), said adequate signs were not in place and that the bus lane’s road markings were insufficient.

Pictures taken from February show the sign at junction with Beulah road facing the wrong way.

At a hearing on July 5, the adjudicator, John Hammond, said: “Having looked at the CCTV, I am not satisfied the local authority has shown the sign indicating the bus lane continued after the junction was sufficiently clear.

“I note there are road markings, but they alone are not enough in my view.

“Bus lanes that continue after junctions are difficult for motorists and it is important there is adequate signage.

"In this case I have found that, at the time in question, such signage was not in place and the authority has not shown a contravention occurred.”

Mr Stones said: “I hardly ever come to Wimbledon and it was not clear the bus lane continued after the little break when you go into the side road.

“I did not see the sign.

“They have obviously fixed the sign now, but I wonder how many fines were given out to people to did the same as me?”

It is only the second appeal that has been granted by Patas on the basis of the signs being pointed in the wrong direction.

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