London’s first ‘Archimedes Screw’ hydro-electric turbine, which will create enough power to run 12 households a year, is set to be installed in the river Wandle.

The installation of the turbine has begun and will be completed in September at the river at Morden Hall Park, which is the final phase of a two-ear project to create the most energy effient building in the country.

The National Trust’s new visitor centre at the park, in Morden Hall Road, already boasts three different types of solar panels, an air source heat pump and a wood burning stove.

The turbine acts as a modern water wheel and will generate an estimated 59,000 kWh a year, or about 12 times as much electricity used by an average household.

Zoe Colbeck, from the National Trust, said: “We are very excited to be installing a modern 'water wheel' to harness the power of the river.

"It is the final stage of a pioneering project and also takes us back to the reason the park exists - water power."

Funded by heritage National Lottery money, the turbine phase of the project is also being funded by City Bridge Trust and Thames Water.