Homebuyers were shown hardcore porn after a rogue estate agent re-directed customers looking for his rival’s website to web pages showing graphic sexual images.

The bizarre stunt saw Luke Bennett, the owner of Wimbledon’s SW19 estate agents, target a rival agency co-owned by a former friend.

Mr Bennett bought the website eddisonwhite.com in 2005 and used it to redirect customers looking for information about Colliers Wood company Eddison White to porn sites.

This week Richard Eddison said the stunt was “beyond contempt”.

Mr Bennett was ordered to pay £15,000 for trademark infringement after a hearing at the High Court in central London on April 28.

Mr Eddison said: “I am relieved and happy this ordeal is over.

"It has been difficult for us and all our customers and, most importantly, for those individuals who were subjected to some truly awful images thanks to Mr Bennett’s antics.

“For a professional business to act in this way is beyond contempt and does little to challenge any pre-conceived ideas members of the public may have about our profession.”

Mr Bennett admitted the accusations in June last year.

A spokesman for Eddison White said he had undoubtedly aimed to harm the Christchurch Road company’s reputation and business.

As well as redirecting potential customers to porn sites, Mr Bennett would also send visitors to eddisonwhite.com to the websites of rival estate agents – including his own, which is based in Merton Road.

Eddison White was founded in 2004, and in the same year launched its website at eddisonwhite.co.uk.

Mr Bennett said: “Of course I regret it. It was a foolish prank between old friends that went wrong.”