A stranded shopper has been spared a huge taxi bill thanks to a helping hand from the police.

Shira Gordon, who uses a mobility scooter, was in Wimbledon’s Centre Court shopping centre when her vehicle stopped working on July 2.

PCSOs Rob King and Ritik Devji, from the Merton police safer transport team, went over to help but could not see any way to restart the scooter.

Ms Gordon thought it would cost £100 to have herself and the scooter taken back to her house. But the boys in blue had another suggestion - and offered to push the shopper for 15 minutes all the way to her home.

Ms Gordon said: “It was a miracle the PCSOs were there. "They saved me over £100 in transport fees. "My ratings in the neighbourhood have shot up after being seen with two Adonis like men.”

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