A community campaign has led to the putting-up of the first-ever public Christmas lights display in south Wimbledon.

The lights have been put up around Merton High Street junction, and the display is also set to include a Christmas tree on land next to the bus stop behind the Kilkenny Tavern pub, near South Wimbledon tube station.

The campaign, on the crowdfunding website GoFundMe, has been led by south Wimbledon resident Andrew Boyce, who said: “A year ago I noticed that some areas in Merton had Christmas lights and some didn’t. It was pretty grim."

The lights came about after a group of residents came together in January to put together a campaign known as The South Wimbledon Enhancement Plan to tackle community related issues - and one of those was the lack of Christmas lights in south Wimbledon.

Residents approached Merton Council which said it would put-up a tree and lights and pay for the electricity - provided the cost could be matched with a modest contribution from local residents and businesses.

The campaign has so far raised £305 in nine days, smashing its target of £200. The extra money raised will be donated to charity.

Mr Boyce added: "I am truly proud. It's a great thing getting people to work together to enhance Wimbledon. We have been meeting up on a regular basis to discuss other plans that we hope come into force in 2018.”