Pupils at a Mitcham school will be showcasing their creative talents when their artwork goes on show at the Merton Arts Festival this weekend.

The class 5 pupils of St Marks Primary School, in St Mark’s Road, will be working with Merton artist Paul Tanner after finishing their drawings ahead of this year’s theme, ‘Reflection and Transformation’.

Paul has been involved with the festival team for two years and was said to be chuffed when he was asked to encourage children in the borough to get involved in art.

He said: “I know St Mark’s Primary through my work as a photographer, it’s a great school, and I knew they would be up for it.”

Mr Tanner visited the students and asked them to make portraits of each other, but with two unique challenges.

First, to draw their classmates without looking at the paper they were drawing them on, and to stop them from looking at the paper they were provided glasses which they could not see through.

Second, they were asked to dress up and disguise their appearance with accessories such as hats, glasses and goggles and adopting a new identity for their portraits.

What followed was said to be a “fun exploration of drawing that the kids immediately immersed themselves in”.

Both challenges were said to be designed to relax creative inhibitions some may have when being artistic.

Paul added: “I was thrilled at how quickly and unreservedly the kids got involved. Every single one of them jumped in feet first and had a go.

“They are a credit to the parents and staff of St Mark’s, a really inspiring school in our borough.”

The exhibition will run from Saturday, September 16, to Saturday, September 23 at Mitcham Library in London Road.

The library is open from 9.30 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday, and 9.30 am to 5 pm on Saturdays, but is closed on Sundays.

To find out more, you can email: mitcham.library@merton.gov.uk