A mechanic rushed to save a dying man at a car wash in Morden.

The man, found at a car wash in London Road at lunchtime yesterday (May 16), is believed to have committed suicide.

The manager of Auto Tyres Morden, a car garage next door to the "Bily" car wash, said one of his workers found the man with a cut to his neck. The mechanic, known as Ali, tried to stem the blood but sadly it was too late.

The dead man is believed to be an Iranian national that had been living in the country for about a decade. He was said to have started work at the car wash several days ago.

Azmat Iqbal, manager of Auto Tyres Morden, said: "He was a very nice guy, really polite, well spoken. It is a shame what's happened. 

"We tried to help him with getting in our guys who have medical training, we tried to stop the bleeding. We did try our best but it was too late. We called the police and the ambulance."

Police say they were called to reports of the body of a man in London Road just after 1pm. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

The car wash has been temporarily closed.

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