A new football league for people with disabilities has been launched.

AFC Wimbledon Foundation hosted the day on Sunday (May 14) with Tooting & Mitcham FC at Imperial Fields in Mitcham.

The Inclusive Football Adult League is for players of all abilities with not just physical disabilities, but with mental health difficulties, learning disabilities and visual and hearing impairments.

Seventy players from 11 different teams took part in the league, including the Fulham Foundation Down Syndrome team, and footballers from the women's GB Deaflympics squad.

Emma O'Connor, Sports Development Officer at AFC Wimbledon Foundation, said: “We are going to be running the Inclusive Adult League once a month and we had 11 teams from all around South London at yesterday’s first one. We had three different leagues based on abilities. The best thing was that half the teams were not actually from football clubs, including St George’s NHS Unit.

“I always think that football clubs can do more and we hope this will continually grow during the summer. Hopefully, it becomes successful enough during June and July to allow us to run it for the whole of next season. It was great to have members of the GB Deaflympics squad at the event yesterday.

"The AFC Wimbledon Foundation thanks them for their support and we wish them well in the Deaflympics 2017.”

The next league will take place on June 18 from 12pm til 4pm.