This is not a rather subdued police party but the stash of alcohol confiscated in Merton in the past three weeks.

A total of 33 cans of lager, four bottles of cider and a bottle of Vodka were seized by police from people on the streets of the borough.

Police officers patrolling controlled drinking zones (CDZ) confiscated alcohol on 32 separate occasions and on other occasions warned people to go home.

The whole of the borough became a CDZ on June 6 last year following a public consultation.

PC Doug Walter, street duties instructor at Mitcham police station said he has seen a decline in people drinking on the street since they stepped up patrols in the Mitcham area recently.

Wimbledon Guardian:

PC Walter said they have 11 new constables on the beat.

PC Walters said: "I definitely think that the presence of extra officers has had a positive impact on the numbers of street drinkers and anti-social behaviour in Mitcham town centre.

"At the start of our patrols we were seizing lots of alcohol and we have seen a gradual decline week on week. We are seeing less street drinkers on the green area and also by the Three Kings Pond."

According to the Merton Council website, while it is not an offence to consume alcohol within the CDZ, the police, police community support officers and people accredited through a community safety accreditation scheme, have powers to control the consumption of alcohol there.

If they believe someone is consuming alcohol or intends to consume alcohol they can require them to stop, and can confiscate the alcohol from people whether the drink container is unopened or not.

If someone, without a reasonable excuse, fails to comply with the officer's request they are committing an offence and further action can be taken.