A delivery van was damaged when it was driven under a low railway bridge in the latest in a string of incidents.

The small van being used to deliver goods from supermarket chain Waitrose got stuck under a bridge in Lower Downs Road in Raynes Park, an onlooker said.

Chris Larkman, of Bronson Road, Wimbledon, saw what happened. He said: “A van got stuck at 11am yesterday.

“The stupid thing is there is a huge sign with the height limit on the bridge.

“Good old Waitrose.

“It did a lot of damage – this happens too often.”

The height limit is 7ft nine inches, or 2.3metres.

Wimbledon Guardian:

A close-up of the damage. Photo: Chris Larkman. 

Pictures show part of the roof of the van has been scraped off after contact with the railway bridge operated by Network Rail.

No-one was hurt. Mr Larkman said vehicles getting stuck under the bridge is a regular occurrence.

He added to release the van from the bridge, the tyres had to be let down and it had to be pushed through.

Police were made aware of the incident and will review the evidence to see if action needs to be taken against the driver.

The road was closed at the junction with Toynbee Road while the incident was dealt with by police.

Officers were called at 10.48am yesterday.

A spokesman from Waitrose said: "We can confirm there was a minor accident involving one of our delivery vehicles.

"We are grateful no one was injured and thank the police for their swift action."

Network Rail has been approached for comment.