Nearly half of girls at an independent day school in Wimbledon achieved all A* or A grades today.

Just under 100 per cent of all grades achieved by Wimbledon High School pupils were A* to C.

Wimbledon Guardian:

Relief: Josie Roberts and Robyn Keith embrace after opening their results this morning.

Overall, 57 per cent of grades were A*, and 97 per cent were A* to B grades.

Nearly one third of 104 pupils in the year group achieved nine A*s or more.

Headmistress, Heather Hanbury, said: "I’m very proud that our students have performed so well in their GCSE and IGCSE examinations.

"Our students are academically ambitious and they have worked extremely hard, inspired and supported by committed teachers.

"These are also girls who give so much to the life of the school, getting involved in all sorts of co-curricular activities.

"It’s wonderful to see the huge smiles on their faces today, and to see a number of them head off to the Reading music festival to let their hair down after an anxious wait for results."

An IGCSE is a course offered in preparation of the International Baccalaureate.

Wimbledon Guardian:

High-achievers: Catherine Bentley, Lucy Hooper and Jessica Burt celebrate their results. 

A Wimbledon High spokeswoman said the results are very similar to last year, with a higher proportion of A*s overall.

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Wimbledon Guardian:

Kavya Gupta high fives a friend after opening her results today. 

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