The beautiful costumes, high energy tap-dance routines and a live orchestra make Top Hat a truly spectacular production for all the family.

The story was made world-famous by dance duo Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, and now the West End production brings the glamour of Hollywood's golden age to the stage in one of the greatest dance musicals of all time.

It is very difficult to keep still as the cast tap dances their way through catchy tunes including Cheek to Cheek, Let's Face the Music and Dance and Puttin' on the Ritz.

The cast, particularly Alan Burkitt as cheeky actor Jerry Travers and Charlotte Gooch as the sophisticated Dale Tremont are brilliant and the one-liners spill forth effortlessly.

It is the side winks to the audience and the impressive orchestra in front of the stage which helps people to get swept up in the production.

Clive Hayward as Horace Hardwick and John Conroy as Bates shine with old-school comedic brilliance and a touch of the farce style.

Hayward is physically hit, throws himself about the stage in one hilarious scene in which Gooch attempts to seduce Burkitt and Conroy gets stuck-in as the very dry mistreated butler.

The staging is impressive, with grand and versatile sets transporting the audience back to the glamorous 1930s.

Top Hat won the Olivier award for the Best New Musical, Best Costume Design and Best Theatre Choreography last year and it is easy to see why.

Top Hat; New Wimbledon Theatre, 93 The Broadway, Wimbledon; August 12 to 23; Tues to Sat, 7.30pm, mats Tues, Thurs, Sat, 2.30pm;