Merton Palestine Solidarity Campaign (MPSC) has joined a national movement calling on David Cameron to intervene in the Gaza crisis and stop supplying weapons to Israel.

Wimbledon Guardian:

Kaajel Patel signs David Carrier's petition

MPSC campaigners were outside Centre Court in Wimbledon town centre on Monday evening to gain signatures for their petition which they intend to deliver to the Prime Minister.

The demonstration comes after the UN reported more than 1,900 people have been killed in Gaza since fighting began on Tuesday, July 8.

In Israel, 64 soldiers and three civilians have been killed during the conflict, it has been reported.

David Carrier, MPSC chairman, said: "Our campaign constitutes of three things: we have been writing to Stephen Hammond who's remained steadfastly on the fence about this; there's a great big march taking place every week in London; and we have been outside supermarkets asking people to boycott Israeli products."

Wimbledon Guardian:

The group was joined by Shas Sheehan, parliamentary spokeswoman for Wimbledon Liberal Democrats, at a demonstration outside Sainsbury's in Morden on Saturday, August 2.

Mrs Sheehan said: "I feel we must take whatever action within our power to force Israel to stop its attacks on Gaza, which is why I am calling for all fair-minded people to stop buying Israeli goods and produce.

"Boycotts and sanctions were a powerful force in bringing an end to the apartheid regime in South Africa and I am sure they can be so again."

MPSC has so far raised about £2,000 from public donations to support aid for children injured in the Gaza conflict.

Campaigners will be outside Wimbledon Station from 11am on Saturday to collect more donations and signatures for their petition.

Speaking to the Wimbledon Guardian, MP Stephen Hammond said: “I have consistently condemned the violence against innocent civilians from both sides.

"I have unreservedly condemned the attacks on the UN positions of safety in Gaza by Israel and I condemn the rockets fired by Hamas at Israel.

"I have consistently called for an immediate and sustainable ceasefire agreed to and complied with by both sides.

"There needs to be peace talks which includes not only Israel and the Palestinian authorities but also Egypt.”

Founded in 2008, MPSC meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 7.15pm in William Morris House, The Broadway, Wimbledon.

To contact the group, email