Retirement home residents seeking alternative ways to recycle waste have turned two disused tyres into a bright flower pot.

The polka-dot mug-shaped flower pot has been getting lots of attention from Mitcham residents passing Sir Arthur Bliss Court in London Road.

Mike Christie, a Sir Arthur Bliss Court resident said: "Merton Council are doing a mega recycling campaign in the borough.

"The manager saw this on the internet and a couple of us got together and started talking about it and what you can do with old tyres because there's always a problem with them."

Mr Christie, 68, got the tyres from Norman Road Haulage down the road. The paint was left over from a redecoration of his flat and the border tiles came from his bathroom.

He said: "Some police officers parked across the road the other day to take photos and lots of people have been stopping to take pictures.

"We just try to find things to organise ourselves."