Young riders have been learning about horse care and management at stables this summer.

Ridgway Stables hosted dozens of children as part of a Merton Council initiative to get kids active, where they learnt how to care for horses before going on rides on Wimbledon Common.

The stables in Ridgway, Wimbledon, holds four day courses for children throughout the summer holidays and half term.

Owner Julia Hardy said: "It is absolutely great for urban children.

"If they were in the country, riding is something they could do all the time but it is not so available for children in towns.

Wimbledon Guardian:

Children learn how to care for horses and ponies.

"To have this interaction with animals is great for their confidence."

The courses include learning about tack and stables management and grooming.

To find out more about activities held as part of the Merton Active Plus scheme for children, visit the website.  

Wimbledon Guardian:

Saskia Richards, 12.