Lights went out around the borough last night to remember all the men and women who "fought for our freedom" in the First World War.

Merton Council encouraged residents and businesses to extinguish lights between 10pm and 11pm as part of a national campaign to reflect on the events of WWI.

Giant poppy symbols were erected on buildings and lamposts in town centres around Merton prior to the event, to mark the centenary of Britain's entry into the war. 

Wimbledon Guardian:

A giant poppy outside Merton's Civic Centre in Morden 

In Morden, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community joined the national campaign by extinguishing its lights and leaving a single candle burning outside the Baithul Futuh Mosque.

While in south Wimbledon, resident Andrew Boyce tweeted this picture of a single light glowing in the dark sky:

Wimbledon Guardian:

People and households across the country took part in the Lights Out commemoration, which was inspired by the words of Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey who declared on the eve of the declaration of war in 1914: "The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime."

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