A seven mile long pink scarf knitted by women in Wimbledon will be unveiled to mark the 69th anniversary of the dropping of an atomic bomb on Nagasaki.

A total of 100 knitters from the Wimbledon branch of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament have stitched pink panels of about 3ft by 2ft to be joined together.

A group from the branch will travel to Aldermaston on Saturday, August 9, to unfurl the huge scarf between two Atomic Weapons Establishments in Berkshire.

The date will mark the anniversary of the bombing by the United States of the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima at the end of the Second World War.

Branch member Joanna Bazley said: "We have been doing this for more than a year.

"We carry on spending money on nuclear weapons, it is becoming a crisis."

Mrs Bazley said the giant scarf is to raise awareness and will be broken into smaller blankets to send to refugees abroad once the event is over.

She said people from all over the world have contributed to the pink peace scarf and some of the knitting was undertaken in the window of the Lush store in Wimbledon Bridge earlier this year.