Volunteers got together to collect 25 bags of rubbish in a clean-up of Mitcham Common at the weekend.

The verges of the common near Commonside East are among the areas to benefit from a spruce-up after the efforts of eight dedicated volunteers from the Friends of Mitcham Common group on Sunday, July 20.

Volunteer Melanie Nunzet who was the organiser, said: "We collected cans and bottles.

"We can’t keep on top of it."

The group wore high visibility jackets and used litter picking sticks to collect the rubbish after a £50 grant from Capital Clean-up, a partnership campaign led by the Mayor of London to help Londoners work together to tidy up areas of the city.

The £50 voucher will be used to purchase more bags and litter pickers for the next clean-up event at a date to be determined.

The AGM of the friends group will be held on Wednesday, September 3 at 7pm at the Mill House Ecology Centre in Windmill Road, Mitcham.