A car which smashed through the window of a beauty salon early this morning was stolen, police have confirmed.

Onlookers and the owners of the shop were shocked to find the car embedded in Chantal Beauty Clinic in Mitcham Road, Tooting, after causing massive damage to the shop.

The salon owner, who did not want to give his name, said he was told by police the car was stolen and the driver had run off from the scene at 4.30am today.

The driver is believed to have been hurt by broken glass and is likely to need medical treatment.

Firefighters from Mitcham and Wimbledon stations were on the scene for about half an hour after reports a person was trapped in the wreckage.

A firefighter from Mitcham station said the crash would have made an almighty bang, but occupants of the flat upstairs slept through the incident.

The shop owner, who is not allowed to open up today, said: "I am annoyed about the damage.

"The police should be coming to remove it.

"I want the car taken away, I need to sort out my insurance.

"It’s a nightmare."

Hours after the crash happened the car was still embedded into the front window of the shop.

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