A great-grandmother may have slipped and fell on a hairnet on the stairs of her home, a coroner heard.

Maria Middleton, 87, was rushed to St George’s Hospital after being freed by firefighters at her home in Hillcross Avenue, Morden, after she became stuck in the banister and fractured her ankle.

She had fallen on the stairs of her home and lay trapped in the banister all night until the alarm was raised the following day, the coroner heard.

Assistant coroner Dr Shirley Radcliffe heard how complications arising from the injuries Mrs Middleton sustained in her home lead to her death on Sunday, April 27.

There was a hairnet found on the stairs, which Mrs Middleton could have slipped on, the court heard.

The great-grandmother of 15, originally from Naples in Italy, was treated in St George’s Hospital before being transferred to St Helier Hospital.

Dr Nicola Neary, a consultant at St George’s’ acute medicine department, said in a statement Mrs Middleton arrived on Friday, March 28, with an acute kidney injury, a fractured wrist, multiple lacerations and complained of pain to her ankle.

She was kept in hospital but her condition deteriorated and she died a month later.

Dr Radcliffe paid tribute to Mrs Middleton, who lived independently after the death of husband Fred Middleton in 2007.

The verdict at Westminster Coroner’s Court was heard on National Care Home Day.

Addressing Mrs Middleton’s grandson Jon Watson, Dr Radcliffe said: "You should be very proud of the fact that her family were there to support her in her own home.

"Today is National Care Home Day.

"It is nice to see someone could be in their own home for such a long time."

Dr Radcliffe said Mrs Middleton died as a result of hospital acquired Pneumonia on Sunday, April 27 at St Helier Hospital.

Dr Radcliffe said: "She had suffered a fall down stairs at her home address and she was admitted to St George’s Hospital and treated for her injuries but sadly died due to complications.

"She died as a result of an accident."

Speaking after the hearing on Friday, June 20, Mr Watson said: "We are relieved it has come to a conclusion.

"A conclusion we have accepted but we are still very sad it is a fall as a result of an accident she succumbed to.

"We take comfort in knowing she was surrounded by her family and lived independently as she could."