A green-fingered family in Wimbledon took part in a new campaign by Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) to help improve at-home recycling habits.

Amanda and Nick Roberts took part in the six month study which monitored how they recycled household items on a day-to-day basis.

The study by CCE and the University of Exeter investigated the drivers that determine recycling habits and behaviours, in order to better understand the gaps between good intentions and reality.

One of the key findings revealed recycling is largely habitual and rarely based on conscious decisions making; so in order to break bad habits, new habits must be built into the household.

Mrs Roberts said: "When I knew my husband was around to see what was happening with the recycling I would often make more of an effort to recycle and sort packaging into the correct places.

"But ultimately, I don’t find the concept of living with your waste very appealing.

"I also don’t like the idea of neighbours or passers-by being able to see the contents of our recycling bin."

The study, Unpacking the Household, led by Dr Stewart Barr, observed 20 families, couples and single-person households in Great Britain and France, in their own homes, for six months.

The results will be used for an online challenge.

To take part, visit the website or follow #recyclechallenge on Twitter.