Enterprising homeowners are preparing to make thousands of pounds renting their driveways to tennis-goers.

Liz Collins, of Leeward Gardens, Wimbledon, will be among dozens of people in the borough accommodating the 38,500 visitors to the tennis championships this year, and has even installed an electric charge point to cater for eco-friendly drivers.

Some donate the proceeds to charity, like Grace and Leonard Mostyn of Deepdale and Nicky Bindler of Wimbledon Park Road, who will be donating funds to Macmillan Merton.

Homeowner Mrs Collins has been renting out a space on her driveway since 2011.

Having received more than 100 bookings, she considers herself something of a driveway rental veteran.

Mrs Collins, said: “My husband used to work at the tennis and is always happy to chat to the drivers and give them insider advice.

“It’s a fantastic way to make money, but also a lot of fun.”

People make an average of £25 a day during the tournament and Mrs Collins said she can fit three cars at a time.

Mrs Bindler has been renting her driveway privately for about four years.

Mrs Bindler said: “I can raise more money from the car park than from a coffee morning. “Last year I raised £800 for Macmillan.”

There has been some controversy in driveway rental in the past, but new Government guidance was issued earlier this year stating that people can rent their driveways without having to seek planning permission first.

Last year, some town halls began clamping down on homeowners, threatening them with fines of up to £20,000 for renting out driveways without first securing planning permission for a change of use.

Merton Council was not one of those involved, according to a spokesman.

As well as private driveway rental, there is a park-and-ride scheme from Morden Park, a temporary car park in Wimbledon Park as well as parking at the venue, subject to capacity.

For full details of travel options to the championships visit the website.