A desperate father whose daughter was “abducted” three years ago has won the right to name and publish pictures of the alleged culprits in the latest stage of his legal battle to get the eight-year-old home.

Safraz Khan has not seen daughter Aamina since August 2011 after he said his ex-wife Humma Dar abducted her from Morden and took her to Pakistan.

He claims the youngster is being hidden by family members who repeatedly fail to co-operate with Pakistani and UK authorities investigating the disappearance.

Continued campaigning from Dr Khan last month saw Justice Peter Jackson make a High Court order stating family members alleged to be involved in the conspiracy can be named and pictured for the first time to help secure her return.

Dr Khan, of Ballards Way, Croydon, said: “I am hoping someone will know the family and will have a guilty conscience and see that this father has been searching for three years.

“I am not being vindictive, I would die for my daughter, and I would do anything possible to get her back.”

Dr Khan’s ex-wife Dr Dar was living with her family in Camborne Road, Morden, after she divorced Dr Khan in 2008 following an unsuccessful arranged marriage.

Dr Khan won custody, which allowed Dr Dar to only see Aamina three weekends a month.

After agreeing to let Aamina visit her mother for a longer period over the summer holiday, they suddenly disappeared.

Dr Khan, who has since re-married and has another daughter, is desperate for information before Aamina’s ninth birthday in July.

He said: “It’s like bereavement, but I haven’t got a grave or a headstone; she’s disappeared from my life.

“I’m surrounded by her possessions – her school uniform, her clothes, and unopened presents.”

Dr Khan has travelled to Pakistan five times to find his daughter and spent about £150,000 on the search.

A police report from Lahore in September last year revealed a car owned by Dr Zahid Zaheer, Dr Dar’s uncle, containing clothes, books and toys “probably belonging to Dr Humma Dar and her daughter Aamina Khan”, were found and seized.

Dr Khan said: “The car was obviously used by the family.

“Police were tracking their movements and have recovered those items from the car.”

The report states Munawar Dar, Dr Dar’s mother, and Munawar’s son Usman Dar first said Dr Dar would appear before the Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan.

“When it was adjourned Usman and Munawar visited the police office in Lahore to record statements which “entirely changed their previous version and also denied knowledge regarding whereabouts of minor Aamina Rukayya Khan and Dr Humma Dar.”

The report concludes it believes Aamina is in the country but family members refuse to co-operate.

Dr Khan has set up a website as part of the search.

If you have any information, contact Dr Khan on safrazaaminakhan@gmail.com.