Merton bucked the national trend in the European election, with Labour winning the greatest share of votes.

Nationally UKIP won the most votes, gaining 24 seats, but in London they won just one of eight seats and in Merton they got only 16 per cent of votes.

Labour won 37 per cent of votes in Merton, followed by the Conservatives with a 25 per cent share of votes.

Merton’s vote in the European election contributed to the overall London vote.

The Green Party won eight per cent of votes in Merton and the Liberal Democrats just seven per cent.

London is represented by eight MEPs who are elected via proportional representation, meaning the eight seats are divided between the parties according to how many votes they got.

Overall Labour won more votes in London meaning it has four London MEPs, the Conservatives have two and UKIP and the Green party have one each.

Less than half of Merton’s electorate voted in the European election, with 59,391 residents showing up at the ballot.

The results were announced on Sunday, May 25.