A shivering little puppy trapped in a river was rescued by brave office-workers this morning.

Staff from a communications company noticed something was wrong when they saw a flurry of ducks suddenly fly out of the River Graveney behind their office in Seely Road, Tooting.

Wimbledon Guardian:

Jim and Sandy with the little dog 

Dr Jim Weale and Dr Sandy Williams, from Scriptoria Communications, came out to find the female pup caught in the river.

Dr Weale said: “There was a puppy sitting there crying. It was terrible – she’s a lovely little thing.

“I had a look around and it was difficult to get to her. I didn’t think there was any way to get her out. She started to wander off and there’s a tunnel with fast moving water.

“I changed out of my suit and climbed down. The water is not particularly deep and she was in the water very cold and shivering.

She was pulled out of the river here 

“She sort of ran off and we spent a little time tempting her with food. All she wanted to do was cuddle.

Wimbledon Guardian:

“We are going to Africa tomorrow and are worried about leaving her. The whole office would love to keep her but some people are allergic to dogs but we want to get her back to the people she belongs to.

“Either something terrible happened and somebody abandoned her but I think it’s more likely she slipped out of a back garden and fell in the river.”

Do you know the pup’s owner? Call 0208 722 6344 or email ssleigh@london.newsquest.co.uk

Wimbledon Guardian:

The river where the dog was found