Marathon man, John Krause, 53, made Sunday’s London marathon his 100th marathon.

With 99 medals under his belt, Mr Krause from Wimbledon notched the century at the London marathon, finishing time of 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Having started his string of marathons at 40, Mr Krause ran his first four marathons in London in aid of Diabetes UK.

He said: "I wanted to test my endurance, take up a challenge and do something for a good cause".

Having successfully completed all four runs and beating his personal best after he was bitten by the running bug.

The next ten years saw him complete 50 marathons all over the world and continually perform well for his age group.

He said: "Marathons are categorised by age and time. Because I was good for my age I was classed as an elite runner which would allow me free entry to the next major marathon".

Since turning 50, three years ago, John has run 49 marathons averaging to about 16 a year.

The spritely 53-year-old has travelled great distances to partake in the New York, Boston and Sydney marathons.

To keep fit Mr Krause takes a relaxed approach to his exercise regime He said: 'I choose to incorporate running into my life rather than build my life around running"

"I cycle 20 miles per day to and from work, play three games a football a week, lead the local park run every Saturday and eat a balanced diet".

Mr Krause ran in aid of Stem4, a charity established by his doctor wife Nihara Krause, and has raised almost £1,500.

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