A middle-aged father died in hospital following surgery after telling his wife ‘they are going to send me home tomorrow’, a coroners’ court heard.

Accountant and company director Parmameswaran Ramesh, 46, died at St George’s Hospital after he was referred there from Kingston Hospital following two failed procedures within days in December 2012.

Mr Ramesh, who was born in Sri Lanka but lived at Bodley Road, New Malden, had complained to his wife of chest pains for nearly two days before he visited Kingston Hospital, West London Coroners’ Court heard on Tuesday.

Describing the pain her husband had spoken of following the procedures, Mrs Ramesh said: “He said he felt like his stomach was going to blow open - that’s how he felt. Those were his exact words.

“He is normally a very calm person – he does not like attention but I have never seen him like that.

“He was very disturbed. He was worried. He once mentioned – ‘what if I die?’”

Eric Chemla, consultant vascular surgeon at St George’s Hospital gave evidence at the hearing, which had previously heard from Kingston Hospital doctors at an earlier date.

Mr Chemla, who had carried out the emergency surgery said that the operation could not have waited and that Mr Ramesh’s small arteries had made the procedure more complicated.

He said: “I felt there was no haemorrhage but there must have been some clot no doubt because I could not see it.”

He added he had “fixed” an artery and a vein but did not try to move any organs around to avoid further complications.

Mr Chemla said: “This is really bread and butter surgery.”

But Mr Ramesh, who had some heart problems, survived the surgery but died two days later on December 15 in the General Intensive Therapy Unit.

Mrs Ramesh, who attended the hearing with family, described putting her hand on her husband’s forehead and him being drowsy the last time she saw him.

She said: “He said everything is fine – they are going to send me home tomorrow. That was the last words he told me.”

A verdict into Mr Ramesh’s death will be delivered by coroner Jeremy Chipperfield on April 30.