As if the pressure of completing the London Marathon in a respectable time wasn't enough, one runner risked all by asking his girlfriend to marry him 200m before the finish line.

With thousands of spectators watching, Alex Prior, 25, of Compton Road, Wimbledon, crouched down as far as his pained muscles would allow him to offer his hand to girlfriend Jess Seldon.

Mr Prior, a project manager for the Football Association, said: "I have done two other marathons and the atmosphere is always amazing.

"I was banking on the weather being good and after I got my place through the charity and all my family and friends said we'll come I thought it would be a good place to do it."

"My dad and brother went to the front early to reserve a spot for everyone. I'd thought about running with the ring but my best friend Chris said I'd be all sweaty so when I saw them Chris gave me a high five and in doing so transferred the ring to me.

"We did a few dummy runs before and Chris said it was a faultless transition."

Mr Prior had already "done the traditional thing" and received permission from Miss Seldon's parents for her hand in marriage, but admits he was "nervous".

He said: "After I did it it was so loud I was jogging off and thinking did she actually say yes so I texted her to see and she replied YES.

"I was quite confident she would say yes and I didn't think she would say no in front of all those people."

As the crowds cheered, a shocked Miss Seldon was seen to burst into tears.

Mr Prior said: "A lot of my friends are at the age when a few of us have proposed and their fiances have always thought that something was up but she had absolutely no idea whatsoever."

Despite the short break, Mr Prior still managed to complete the marathon in 3 hrs, 23 mins and 53 secs; exactly the same time as his last marathon.

He also raised more than £1,000 for Interactive, a charity supporting disability equality in sport.

Mr Prior expects the wedding to be some time next year, but said: "We haven't had time to sit down and take it all in yet. It's all been a bit of a whirlwind."

To help him reach his fundraising target of £1,500, visit his fundraising page