Trees blown over in the storms have been replaced by staff at Morden Hall Park.

Planting of ten trees including lime on Friday, April 4, will help to fill in the gaps left by trees blown over in the extreme winter weather.

Parks and gardens manager Nick Allison was joined by a team of volunteers who helped re-plant the young sapling trees on the avenue at Morden Hall Park in Morden.

Mr Allison said: "The trees at Morden Hall Park are living history.

"We are replacing fallen lime trees in the avenue to keep that part of our story alive.

"Many of our trees were planted in the 19th and 20th centuries by the Hatfeild family.

"The winter storms have led to some dramatic losses of trees at National Trust places. "

Mr Allison said at the park trees were blown down on the avenue, which is lined with lime trees and horse chestnuts.

The saplings are between six and eight feet tall, but it will take ten years for them to grow large enough to properly fill the gaps left by fallen trees.