A ferry service could be set to transform the use of the River Wandle.

Ambitious entrepreneurs Ofo Gull and Pillar Ible will launch a boating service running between Carshalton Ponds and the mouth of the Wandle at Southside Shopping Centre, Wandsworth.

The service, that the pair plan to name after a combination of their names, would run during rush hour times and on weekends.

The pioneering pair hope to purchase three small passenger ferries capable of taking up to 10 passengers along the nine mile water way.

Pontoons to allow passengers to embark and disembark are planned at Morden Hall Park, Merton Abbey Mills and Garratt Park.

Planning applications have been submitted to Sutton, Merton and Wandsworth councils, and a public exhibition laying out the plans is set to be held in venues along the riverfront throughout the summer.

Sharon Sticks, who will be piloting one of the boats, said: “We know no-one likes to take the tube, though I’ve never had a problem with The Underground, and so this offers something completely new.

“We had hoped to run the service all the way to the mouth of the Wandle. However this involved going under Southside, and both Ofo and Pillar are not as comfortable as I am in subterranean conditions.”

News of the plans have already caused shock waves among residents living along the banks of the river.

Stu Denim, Waterside Way, said: “I’m not sure where to start – The enjoyment of all will be sacrificed for a tiny minority. I’m not ferry sure they’ve thought this through.”

However others were in favour.

Ali As, London Road, Mitcham, said: “This would be fantastic and make the most of a little used river. What’s more II could get some fishing in on my way to work each day.”